EV VW #01 New Plan – Ordered the Parts

I have now ordered the parts for my Volkswagen bus electric conversion!

The plan is to change the motor of my 1979 Volkswagen Late Bay Window Bus to a Nissan Leaf powertrain. I am buying the intestines of a 2016 Nissan Leaf from a scrap yard in Norway. It should take no longer than a couple of weeks before the parts reach my home in Salo, Finland and I get to the tinkering. The parts cost me around 50k… Norwegian krone, so that equals to roughly 5000€. I still need to get motor adapters between the Leaf electric motor and the Volkswagen transmission and a VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) for controlling everything. Also have to find a way to place the battery pack somewhere.

I will be posting progress about the conversion project on (click to open link):

Eikka Alatalo is converting his 1979 Volkswagen Bus into an electric vehicle.