Making plans / EV Conversion finally starting?

I’ve been thinking about converting my 1979 VW Late Bay Window Bus since I bought it in the end of year 2016. Somehow I thought that the time and funds for the conversion would just miraculously appear at some point. And then it would be complete!

Well, three years later here we are. Still making grand plans just to figure out that there isn’t enough money to even start. But not all hope is lost. If I truly make this a work of art and follow recycling guidelines with Mad Max style – I can make it work!

Photo by: Ahti Kannisto

This is the plan:

Forklift Motör – I’m going to find an old electric forklift and rip that DC-motor out of there!

Motör Controller – Let’s find a cheap and reliable motor controller for the electric motor. I am going to build one myself if I have to. I can solder, it cannot be that hard!

Batteries – This is a huge cost. Just have to bite the bullet. Or maybe salvage the batteries from a donor forklift?

Motör Adapter Plate & Coupler – Basically I have three two options:

  1. Order a readymade set.
  2. Have them made by a machinist
  3. Learn how to do it myself

Let’s make it happen!

-Eikka Alatalo

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