The bus had stood for several years in the garage and we had tested that it runs and the brakes work. No problem! Straight to vehicle inspection and to the open roads.

Well, it didn’t go that smoothly.

I pressed the brakes a bit harder on the way to the inspection and so did mr. inspecteur. Hence, the brakes got stuck and our little VW didn’t pass. Brake power was good, but the brakes were sticking too much.

At least we were allowed to drive back and once we got back, we opened the rear brakes, sanded ’em, put back together – easy as pie. The right side had some smudge all over, but there was no leaks visible.

The front was a bit more tricky. To our surprise, the pads were all right and the pistons went back with ease. Still the brakes stuck every time when testing. Taking a look at the pistons, the rubbers were done and there was some rust on the sides. Once we noticed that the piston heads were crumbling away, I decided to order new brake calipers. Going to install them on Friday.